IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. is an engineering company that has recently been established in Chile. It relies on the experience of the Italian company that has specialised in transport infrastructure project design, such as motorways, roads, railways and harbours for more than 25 years. The particular fields of specialisation include structural engineering and project design for underground works.

Besides project design, our extensive experience enables us to provide reliable consulting services, customer care and technical support before, during and after project implementation.
The company is determined to achieve premium quality standards, and its highly qualified personnel ensure compliance with the defined objectives. The organisational framework and professional expertise are the pillars of the all-round effective service we offer in response to client demands.


IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. provides premium quality professional performance in all fields of civil engineering.

IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. has a consolidated team of specialists who have steadily cooperated for over 20 years.

IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. applies a quality control system that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.


IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. offers an all-round service in all fields and development phases of civil engineering, ranging from complete projects, to consulting services in specialist areas, such as geology, geotechnical engineering, environmental impact, underground works (both in civil and mining frameworks) and structural analysis.


IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. performs pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, draws up preliminary, final and executive project designs for infrastructures, and also offers monitoring and supervision services, along with technical support during project implementation.

IGEAS Engineering S.p.A. is highly specialised in rail infrastructure project design.

IGEAS Engineering S.p.A.'s Department of Topography also provides monitoring, works supervision and control services during the execution phase. Moreover, it provides geodetic services and implementation of territorial IT systems (GIS).

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